Vegas Raiders




Welcome Home Vegas Raiders.


Damn that even sounds good!

The votes are in. and the Raiders are officially moving to Southern Nevada.

Not even close, it was 31-1 in favor of the Vaiders move.

Who was that one team that voted no, look it up.

Have been to many cities, having lived in many cities, Vegas is the Raiders and the Raiders are Vegas.

There is no place like Vegas.  It has everything, I mean everything.  It has all types of personality, all types of culture, all types of styles.

The Raiders moving to Vegas is like having the top mafia Don in Chicago as Mayor.

Not only do the Raiders inherit the Vegas market, they also inherit the L.A. market free of charge.

Those 50,000 plus L.A. Raider fans that used to show up in San Diego, will now patronize Vegas.

I mean they already do, now they have the Raiders.

The Raiders fan base is the strongest in L.A.

Their second strongest fan base is in Southern Nevada.

This is the greatest move since the Brooklyn Dodgers moved West in 1958.

California had no professional baseball team.  When the Dodgers showed up, many said it would fail.  Many said it would suck.

60 Years later and the L.A. Dodgers are adored in Southern California.

3 million persons show win or lose. The Dodgers are always in the tops 5 in attendance each year.  Yet, the team has not won a World Series Ring since 1988.

The Vegas Raiders will eclipse anything the Dodgers have accomplished with their fans. America’s team is the Dallas Cowboys, after the Raiders play their first home game in Vegas, they will be the new America’s team.

Welcome home Vaiders!!




Vegas 17



The NFL Vaiders coming to Vegas could be this season.


Well, Sam Boyd Stadium is being examined by the NFL if it is worthy of hosting the Vaiders as early as this season.

The Vaiders new stadium won’t be ready until 2020. When the Vaiders announce the official move( when the papers are signed) you can bet their former home will not want them around anymore.

Enter Sam Boyd Stadium home of UNLV Football. Remember the same thing happened to the Chargers months ago.

The Chargers announced they are moving to Los Angeles and the first thing that happened was San Diego stadium officials said, “Get the F Out of here!”

The same thing will happen when the Vaiders move to Vegas.

Bitterness sets in and pain.

However, Vegas has it all and has 3 times the fan base.

Get ready Vegas you may have the NFL and the NHL next season.

Golden Knights.


MLB or NBA next?





Vaider Votes

Well. Well. Well.

As the great Dean Wormer spoke, ” This will be faster than shit through a goose!”

The votes are in and it is in favor of the Vaiders moving to Vegas.

The NFL owners need  24 out of the 32 votes to bless this move, and they have them.

Owner Jones of the Silver and Blue Cowboys was pro move, he has gained the attention of the other owners and they followed.

No, this is note bogus news. No, this is not to early of deal

No, this is not an early bird special. Pre mature thinking?


I hate to tell those at home these things are planned way in advanced, why do they wait?

They love the drama, plus it keeps everyone guessing, and when they officially announce, the euphoria will be mind- numbi ng, Vegas Vaider fans will probably have a parade

Vegas is about to land the Vaiders. Again- Vegas is about to land the Vaiders.

That mystery backer that stepped up- when the others stepped down is…

Just in case you think the mystery backer sucks or is a fake- I will give you a hint.

The majority of Americans use these backer. Open up your wallets and look at the logo on your Bank Card, chances are you use this company.

It’s a damn good backer. It’s a powerful backer.It is supreme. My opinion there is no other like this comapny.

If this backer was a country it would be America. If this country was car it would be a BMW.



Only those who patronize this business know what those letters mean.

It is a code for greatness!

The Vegas economy is so strong, now it is going to be very powerful. Having an NFL team makes Vegas unique.

Other cities are adopting casinos at a growing rate. Many are passing up Vegas because it is easier to stay home and play.

Now, Vegas will have the NFL. This will force those in other cities to be very curious. Of course if they gamble and like the NFL. Since the Vaider fan base is the strongest in Los Angeles- Vegas’s Big Brother, the base will converge on Southern Nevada as opposed to San Diego.

Along with the Vaider fan base locally, this could go down as the biggest move since the Brooklyn Dodgers moved West in 1958.

They said the same things back then. They said it was a bust. They said nobody would care.

They, they, they.

Since the Brooklyn Dodgers moved West, they draw at 3 million persons win or lose. The Dodgers are L.A.’s baby. The Dodgers could finish last 10 years in row and still draw 3 million.

This move was so good, if today the Dodgers went to a brand new venue in Brooklyn, it could not hold a candle to Dodger Stadium and would not even come close to filling any venue in Brooklyn.

Not even close.

Until the Lakers rebound into glory. Even then, the Dodgers fan base in Southern California and all over the state is beyond strong.

The venue in Vegas will hold 65,000 locally and 72,000 for the Super Bowl.

Yes, the Super Bowl is coming to Southern Nevada.

It’s Vegas baby, It’s the Vaiders baby!!!!!!!!!




The Lead


NFL fans and local Vaider fans from L.A. and Vegas should be prepared to get their Bud dens ready.

The Vaiders are completely in the lead to move to Southern Nevada.


In fact this move will be quicker than you can flush a toilet.

The Whales are in place. The owner of the Vaiders is sold out to Vegas as his new home.

Vegas is the Vaiders.

Vaiders are Vegas.

A monster fan base in Southern Nevada and Southern California.

One Freeway hooks these to areas.

What about San Diego?

Before California became a Tax Monster, moving to San Diego would be the best fir for the Vaiders in Southern California.

Those days are dead, and any team that thinks about moving any business, will eventually pay more in taxes than making any money.

For the Vaiders to move San Diego, several plays have to happen similar to what to the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl late in the game.

  1. San Diego
  2. The Vegas deal would have a monster fall out, the two parties are in agreement on bringing the team to Southern Nevada and they also have the funding and the votes are projected to be positive.
  3. The only thing is to sign the papers.

  2. San Antonio.

Like Southern Nevada. South Texas is a business friendly and has no state tax. The Vaiders did flirt with the Alamo City, but did not dance with them, San Antonio is very graceful and would entertain the Vaiders moving to South Texas. However it will take a late bomb pass with 1 second on the clock in the 4th quarter.

3. Southern Nevada

DO not worry if the Vaider deal some how fails. There is an NFL team ready to pounce on the current deal.


Do your homework. Per Adolph.

This is good homework.





Vegas Cubbies


No, the Cubs aren’t moving to Vegas.

However, they do have some Vegas connections.

Kris Bryant is an actual Vegas Native that went to Bonanza High School.

The Vegas market has no official team, but the closest franchises are the L.A. Dodgers and Angels.

As far as Vegas is concerned – the Dodgers are garbage, this goes back to when the minor league team the “51’s” were the Dodgers minor league club.

As far as the Angels are concerned, Salt Lake and Southern Utah have claimed them, as the Salt Lake Bees minor league team is the Angels.

So what does this have to do with the Cubbies?


Vegas is building a brand new baseball field in Summerlin and the Las Vegas 51’s are excepted to play in this venue.

The Mets own the 51’s.

Nobody gives a shit about the Mets in Vegas. In fact the Cubbies are the number one team even before their World Series win.

Cub bars are everywhere. You would think you’re in Chicago.

This is a good thing.

If you love Chicago Pizza and Hot Dogs- yo will find these in Vegas.

There is none like Chicago Pizza.


The Cubs have become so popular in Vegas that the local sports talk show(AM 1140) will broadcast all Cubbie games this season, due to the demand!

Pretty cool.

Now let’s get the Las Vegas 51’s to adopt the Cubbies minor league club and change their name and look.


Iowa loves the Cubbies, in fact the current minor league team plays and is called the Iowa Cubbies.

I don’t think Iowa would ever let the minor league Cubbies go, the state is draped in Cubbie flags, but one can dream.

The only hope is money.  Money rules and Vegas has the cash, in fact Vegas is booming in great ways.

Vegas would love to have the Cubbies as opposed to the Mets, and Vegas would give them a new venue in one of the best areas outside of Vegas.

Don’t get confused Vegas is very dangerous, and Summerlin is not Vegas nor does reflect any of its character.

Summerlin is seperate and is a gem .

Summerlin Cubs!








The backup plan in case the NFL deal falls through.

The Vegas Stadium will be built no matter what.

No matter what.

Who will occupy it?

The UNLV Rebels football team.  They will play in the venue as planned without an NFL team.

However, another NFL team is more than welcomed to play at the Vegas Stadium venue, of course after signing a lease.

As of now, the Vaiders owner is going “balls to the wall” to get this deal down, however things happen.

Those in Southern Nevada should not worry, some team from the NFL will be playing at the new venue.

Who? I don’t know?

Relax and don’t feed the drama monster, these reports are coming out the Vegas leaders and the local Vegas media.

There is a back up plan, you never know we could see the Vegas Jaguars?

The Vegas media has been very fair and balanced in their reporting on this matter.