A few months ago the San Diego Chargers announced they were moving to Los Angeles.

This did not go over well with Charger fans.  In fact San Diego fans took all their Charger gear and burned it – in front of Qualcomm Stadium.

The Chargers were planning on staying in San Diego until the new venue in Los Angeles is finished in 2019.

This pissed off San Diego leaders, in fact they started the eviction process of the Chargers immediately.

The Chargers were 86ed from playing in San Diego.

The same is about to happen to the Las Vegas Raiders, Owner Mark Davis’s desire is to remain at the current venue until 2020.

Not going happen. The city leaders are insulted. So insulted they have started the eviction process.

Owner Mark Davis is a cunning and crafty owner.  He already has several cities on his mind.

San Antonio is the number one choice. It’s up to the Alamo Dome Masters if they would allow the Vaiders to play at the Alamo dome until 2020.

2020 is when the Vaiders stadium in Vegas will finished.

The other city is San Diego. The Vaiders fan base is strongest in Southern California, in fact San Diego was another city ready to seduce the Vaiders into coming in the event of a failed NFL Vote.

The last city is Vegas. Sam Boyd Stadium would love to host the Vaiders as earlier as next season, but it all depends what happens in San Antonio and San Diego.



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