Silver and Black State


Vaider seduction has hit Southern Nevada like a superbug.    Yes, the fan base was already strong, but those on the fence are now off of it.

They are for the Vaiders in Vegas.

The majority of Vaider fans are in Clark Country, but those that outside of Vegas, should  be honered.

This is your team too.





The Vaiders are planning to move their training camp to Nevada.

You got to love Nevada’s low taxes, so do the Vaiders.

The Vaiders are interested in moving their camp to Reno.


University of Nevada’s Mackay Stadium- Home of the Wolfpack.

The altitude makes Reno very attractive the Vaiders.  Considering the Vaiders play in Denver every year, this will give them a huge advantage.

No more huffing and puffing after the first snap if the Vaiders move to Mackay Stadium. However, unlike Vegas and the rest of Clark County which is open to all, Reno can be very stingy when it comes to business’s moving to their city.

While the Vaiders have offers from other cities, Reno remains the number one. The only thing that we keep this deal from happening is if Reno screws it up.

The Vaiders don’t need Reno.

Reno needs the Vaiders.

Nevadans in every part of the state should feel comfortable adopting the Vaiders as their home team, it’s not just a Vegas thing, it’s a Nevadan thing.

So Enjoy Silver and Black state!


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